Aviation Fuel

Ensure Supply Chain Reliability with Our Aviation Fuels

Not only is Sunoco LP your most reliable supplier for branded or unbranded fuel, but we also offer high quality, on-spec aviation fuels. Contact a member of Sunoco LP Aviation who can assist you with your specific inquiry.

Airplane taxiing to the runway.

Refueling of an airplane before flight with a sunset in the background.

Commercial Jet Fuels

We specialize in commercial jet fuel Jet A-1 and Colonial Grade 54 that meet the Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements.

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We provide the highest quality of aviation fuel used in small piston engine powered aircraft .

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Airplane preparing for take off on Short Runway of small Airport ending at deep Mountains in Sunset Light
FA18 SuperHornet military jet on board the USS Carl Vinson undergoes maintenance

Military Jet Fuel

We proudly collaborate with numerous businesses in the defense and military industry, offering exceptional fuel products. 

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Aviation Fuel Services

With an extensive experience in fuel delivery, Sunoco LP understands what airline fuel managers and aircraft manufacturers need, and we have the aviation fuel services that are right for you.

  • Pipeline Access

    Pipelines are a prevalent mode for transporting aviation fuel over long distances and facilitate the seamless and rapid delivery and receipt of fuel to airports and distribution centers.

  • Ship and Barge Access

    Waterways serve as vital routes for transporting our aviation fuel to coastal airports and terminals. Ships and barges transport Sunoco LP fuel in bulk to coastal regions, where it is offloaded and distributed to nearby aviation facilities.

  • Tanker Truck Delivery

    Tanker trucks play a crucial role in delivering aviation fuel directly to airports and other aviation facilities. These specialized vehicles transport fuel from our storage terminals to on-site fuel storage facilities.

  • Truck Rack Filtration

    Truck rack filtration plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and purity of our aviation fuel before it is loaded onto tanker trucks for delivery to various destinations.

  • Additive Injection

    Sunoco LP has the capability to inject additives required by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) during barge and truck loading operations. Fuel additive injection provides an effective means of improving fuel performance, optimizing engine operation, and addressing specific challenges associated with different fuel types.

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