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If you are an institutional shareholder in Sunoco LP you will find the contact details of the Investor relations teams.

Scott Grischow

Treasurer, Senior Vice President - Investor Relations, M&A

(214) 840-5660

Erik Gulbrandsen

Director - Investor Relations & Capital Markets

(214) 840-5684

Investor Relations

For general investor inquires and questions, email us at:

Transfer Agent

Computershare is the transfer agent and registrar for Sunoco LP units. Please contact Computershare to transfer your units or update your address with the transfer agent, or if you have other questions about your account.





Computershare Trust
Company NA
250 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021

K-1 Questions

For questions regarding annual K-1 tax information for the current or prior tax years, write or call our Tax Package Support group:

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8:00 am – 5:00 pm, CST


Sunoco LP
Tax Package Support
PO Box 799060
Dallas, TX 75379-9060

Investor FAQ

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Sunoco LP is a master limited partnership (MLP) that is a key player in the U.S. wholesale motor fuels distribution, refined products transportation, and storage and terminalling.

A master limited partnership (MLP) is an entity that is structured as a limited partnership instead of a corporation. Limited partner “units” are traded on public exchanges just like shares of stock in a corporation. Unlike a corporation, MLPs do not pay corporate-level taxes. Instead, taxes are paid on a partially deferred basis by limited partner unitholders, making MLPs “pass-through” entities; that is, investors avoid the double taxation on “distributions” from an MLP that they pay on “dividends” paid by corporations. As a result, MLPs provide a tax-efficient means to invest. The tax-deferred income is not taxable until the unitholder sells the security. MLPs consist of a general partner and limited partners. The general partner manages the daily operations, typically holds an equity ownership stake in the Partnership and is often entitled to receive incentive distribution rights payments. The limited partners (or common unitholders) provide capital, typically receive quarterly cash distributions and have no role in the Partnership’s operations and management or voting rights.

Our common units trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SUN.

As a master limited partnership (MLP), Sunoco LP pays a quarterly “distribution” rather than a dividend. Click here for a history of our distribution payments. The Board of Directors reviews and approves Sunoco LP’s distribution level on a quarterly basis.

Not at this time. Please contact your broker to buy or sell Sunoco LP units.


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