Fuel Delivery

Reliable Bulk Fuel Delivery Service

For decades, Sunoco LP has proudly served as a single-source commercial distributor of unbranded fuels, gasoline, diesel, lubricants, specialty fluids and more. We specialize in bulk fuel delivery for retail locations, gas stations, commercial fleets, construction sites, oilfields, local & federal governments as well as many other industries.

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Why choose Sunoco LP?

  • Availability

    As the largest independent fuel distributor in the United States, you can count on us for reliable fuel delivery service

  • Save Time

    One source for all your fuel management needs, delivered to where you need it with our mobile fuel delivery service

  • Save Money

    Our fast, daily quotes and flexible pricing options help you reduce costs both immediately and in the long run

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Diesel Delivery

We deliver clear Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel at competitive prices for on-road vehicles, fleets, and bulk tanks across the United States to help keep your business up and running.

Diesel Delivery

Off-Road Diesel Delivery

If you operate generators, trains, tractors, and other heavy equipment, we can deliver tax-exempt, red-dyed diesel fuel for your off-road equipment with the same quality as our Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, only at a lower cost.

Off-Road Diesel Delivery

Off Road Diesel Delivery

Bulk Fuel Delivery

For customers with fleets, we offer three grades of unbranded fuel at wholesale prices. Plus, we deliver and store bulk fuel in a way that best suits your schedule and needs.

Bulk Fuel Delivery

DEF Delivery

We deliver Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) whenever you need it, wherever you need it. You can rely on us so that your diesel engines and equipment stay at proper DEF levels and that emission standards will be met.

DEF Delivery

DEF Fuel Delivery

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Stop paying retail prices. Start partnering with Sunoco LP.

As one of the largest independent fuel distributors in the U.S., Sunoco LP can save your business time and money by delivering bulk fuel and more at wholesale prices for the following applications:

Job Site Fuel

We offer monitored and scheduled on-site fueling for agricultural, commercial, industrial and energy customers so your employees can spend less time refueling and more time on the job.

Bulk Fuel

In addition to lowering your fuel costs, we can deliver your bulk fuel in full-size tanker trucks, Bobtail trucks or dry vans based on your specific needs, schedule and locations.

Fleet Fuel

Thanks to our contactless, wet hose fueling service, we can deliver fuel directly into your vehicles or equipment when your fleet is accessible. This way, when your drivers come to work, their vehicles are fueled up and ready to go.


We can tailor the quantities of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) you’ll need based upon the volume of on-road diesel fuel we deliver to ensure your vehicles meet EPA emissions requirements.

Sunoco LP supplies the fuel wherever you need it

We provide the highest quality commercial fuels and lubricants to our customers across the United States through our carrier network. In select areas, we have Sunoco fleet assets that can handle your fuel needs.

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Sunoco LP's extensive network ensures fast, reliable fuel delivery service right where you need it, keeping your operations running smoothly without delay.

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