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Sunoco LP is committed to offering an unmatched portfolio of top tier fuel brands. Regardless of brand, we have the fuel you need, when you need it, delivered with a personal touch.

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Sunoco. An iconic fuel brand you can count on.

Sunoco LP owns the iconic 100-year-old Sunoco fuel brand founded on innovation, quality and performance that is trusted by more than 5,200 retailers across the U.S.

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What Customers Say

" They bring ancillary items to the dealer for their success. Race fuels, loyalty program, they still have a proprietary credit card. They have a lot of things. They help us make the sale just with what they offer. "

James Koop
Principal Member Triangle Fuel
Kansas City, MO

Fueling victories since 1966.

Sunoco is the Official Fuel of NASCAR® and NHRA®, and the fuel of choice for more than 50 other racing series.


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Discover why engine builders, racers, tracks, and sanctioning bodies trust Sunoco Race Fuel.

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Sunoco LP offers many fuels, delivered.

We deliver more than a dozen of the best-known fuel brands to more than 33 states. We’ll work with you to examine the unique market conditions for your area and recommend a brand selection from our portfolio.


We distribute more than 8 billion gallons of fuel a year to over 7,300 retailers across the country. Our expansive branded fuel network is driven by the one-of-a-kind partnerships we build with our customers.


We give you a competitive edge by offering a variety of fuel brands and business solutions, plus a vast array of value-added services to meet your needs and help you succeed.


We’re committed to providing you with the personalized service you deserve every day. Whether you’re reaching out to our sales team or an executive, we’re here for you.

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We also provide the highest quality unbranded fuels and lubricants to agricultural, commercial, industrial and energy customers at competitive prices.

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Sunoco: A Branded Fuel Supplier You Can Trust

As a gas station owner or retail fuel supplier looking into Sunoco's branded fuel offerings, understanding Sunoco’s benefits and features can help you make informed decisions.

Sunoco stands apart with a rich history of developing race fuels and pioneering innovations. Since 1966, we've created fuels that power high-performance machines, making us a trusted partner in the motorsports industry. Our partnerships with major motorsports organizations further emphasize our commitment to performance and quality. Sunoco's 94 Octane, the highest octane fuel on the market, exemplifies our dedication to innovation and superior fuel solutions. In addition to our race fuels and motorsports partnerships, we offer comprehensive branded fuel solutions and a vast fuel delivery network. This ensures fuel station owners have access to top-tier gasoline, backed by over 100 years of experience and innovation. Our commitment to quality and performance standards makes Sunoco a leader in the fuel industry.cordion Content

Partnering with Sunoco can enhance your bottom line through brand recognition that attracts customers seeking Sunoco fuel for peak engine performance. This strategic partnership fosters growth and customer retention for fuel retailers.

Sunoco's TOP TIER™ gasoline allows customers to enjoy reduced fuel consumption and fuel economy benefits. Not only is Sunoco's fuel TOP TIER™ certified, but it also contains the same detergent packets powering NASCAR engines for the past 21 years. It's a performance standard gasoline that supports peak engine efficiency, distinguishing your gas station for quality.

Station owners can leverage Sunoco's Go Rewards loyalty program to offer gallon-based price discounts, compelling customers to return. This program is designed to boost customer engagement and repeat fuel purchases.

Sunoco provides fuel retailers with a diverse range of products, including several grades of gasoline that meet the TOP TIER™ program from 87 octane to 94 Octane, found only at Sunoco. This variety allows gas stations to cater to different customer needs, from regular to premium fuel purchases, enhancing service offerings. We also offer Sunoco Race Fuels through a comprehensive cage program designed to drive premium customers to your station. This initiative ensures that stations can attract high-performance vehicle owners seeking top-quality race fuels.

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