Keep it Clean to Drive Business

April 25, 2024 | 2 Minutes Read Time

Gas station worker cleaning the car windshield with window squeegee


Did you know station cleanliness drives visits? A site’s cleanliness is directly tied to higher perceptions of fuel quality, and GasBuddy found that station cleanliness is a prominent visit driver. During their study period, they found stations with above-average cleanliness ratings drove 21 percent more visits than below-average competitors.

Some basics to consider:

•    Exterior – Is your station’s exterior tidy and free of graffiti and litter? Is landscaping in need of repair? Remember lighting – a well-lit station helps consumers feel safe.
•    Fuel islands should be stocked with amenities with windshield washer fluid and paper towels, and trash cans should be watched so they aren’t overflowing.
•    Interior – Are restrooms and food and drink areas clean and stocked? Is the store well organized overall?  

By taking time to maintain your site’s appearance, you will maximize your sales by capturing more drive-by traffic. 

Sunoco helps station owners understand customer perception by offering mystery shop programs to understand areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. It’s one of many ways Sunoco partners with store operators to drive business value.


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