Bulk Fuel Delivery

Reliable Bulk Fuel Delivery Services for Your Business

We deliver bulk gasoline across the country for countless applications. Thanks to our extensive carrier network, we can supply your business with multiple grades and blends of unbranded gasoline at wholesale prices.

Fuel stored in industrial tanks

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The wholesale price for fuel will almost always be lower than what you’d pay for retail fuel. Also, having fuel delivered in bulk reduces labor costs, downtime and wear and tear on your fleet.

Fuel delivery costs are determined by the wholesale price of the fuel grade, volume, mode of delivery and distance to your locations. We have no minimum volume requirements for bulk fuel delivery.

Your savings will depend on the volume that you purchase, but you can expect to pay less than retail in almost all circumstances. We will consult with you based on your fuel requirements and delivery schedules to get you a competitive price.


Bulk fuel service for fleets.

  • "Wet Hose"

    On-site direct-to-equipment fueling is the most efficient way to keep your fleet up and running

  • Transport Trucks

    We offer delivery via full-size tanker trucks for larger volumes up to 8,500 gallons

  • Bobtail Trucks

    These smaller straight trucks allow for delivery of medium volumes to harder-to-access locations and job sites

  • Packaged

    Our packaged fuel is available in totes, drums, pails and cases to suit your unique needs

  • Dry Vans

    Packaged fuel is delivered in standard non-refrigerated box trucks to protect your shipment

  • Bulk Tank Rental

    We can refill your on-site fuel tanks or rent tanks to you as needed

Blue fuel delivery truck

Why choose Sunoco LP?

  • Flexible Delivery Schedules
    • Order-based deliveries
    • Scheduled deliveries
    • "Keep-full" tank-monitored deliveries
  • No Minimum Fuel Deliveries
  • Available 24/7
  • Save Time

    Free up your drivers from having to fill up at retail gas stations

  • Save Money

    Flexible pricing options that work for your business

  • Simplicity

    Instead of dealing with multiple vendors across different states, we’re a reliable, single source who can supply all of your fuel needs across the country

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