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The story of Sunoco LP.

Sunoco LP has a rich heritage of 130+ years in the fuel industry. Our legacy and reputation for innovation are foundational elements of our iconic American brand.


Sunoco is founded by Joseph Newton Pew and Edward O. Emerson in Pittsburgh, PA.


Sunoco opens its first service station in Ardmore, PA.

Shortly after, Sunoco opens a second service station in Toledo, OH.


Sunoco becomes publicly traded on the NYSE.

On November 12, 1925, Sun Oil Company went public, making its debut on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as: SUN.


Sunoco revolutionizes the oil industry when it introduces the Custom Blending Pump.

This breakthrough invention had the capability to dispense five octane grades of gasoline from a single pump. A model of the pump is on display at the Smithsonian.


Sun Oil is renamed Sun Company.

Reflecting the restructuring of our growing company into 14 operating units, two property companies and a non-operating parent company, Sun Oil Company was renamed Sun Company, Inc.


Sunoco introduces Sunoco ULTRA 94, the market’s highest-octane unleaded gasoline.

With a history of innovation and love of performance, Sun developed and released the market’s highest-octane unleaded gas, Sunoco ULTRA 94.


Sun Company, Inc. becomes Sunoco, Inc.


Sunoco becomes the Official Fuel of NASCAR ®.

In addition to NASCAR®, Sunoco also becomes the Official Fuel of IndyCar and the NHRA®. Today, Sunoco is the official fuel of more than 50 racing series.


Sunoco LP is formed by Energy Transfer with the purchase of Susser Petroleum Partners LP.

Later that same year, Sunoco LP acquired Aloha Petroleum, including six terminals in Hawaii.


Sunoco LP begins processing transmix fuels after acquiring Emerge Energy Services LP.

Sunoco LP diversifies its portfolio by entering into the business of processing transmix fuels, reprocessing and reclaiming off-spec fuel that would otherwise go to waste.


Sunoco LP focuses its business on fuel distribution and midstream services with the divestiture of its retail assets and acquisition of several key fuel and midstream companies.

After selling off more than 2,000 retail sites, Sunoco LP acquires Superior Plus Energy Services, Sandford Energy, LLC, BRENCO Marketing Corp., Schmitt Sales Inc. and American Midstream Partners, LP, significantly expanding its fuel distribution and midstream services capabilities.


Sunoco LP announces a 50 percent ownership joint venture with Energy Transfer on the J.C. Nolan diesel fuel pipeline that connects West Texas to the Gulf Coast.

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